Rong "Integrate" Vol.2 | Kbne 2018 Autumn Brand launch
Release time: 2018-03-22        Author:KBNE

    KBNE2018 Autumn series, through the cutting of different fabrics, stacking, the future sense of color, high-tech fabrics, very textured profile, resulting in an elusive set coexistence, far more than a single wear, expanding the possibility of blurring the boundaries between clothing.

    Driven by nostalgia and childlike innocence, the contrasts are somewhat mirrored, with a simple and interesting way to build a new garment that is linked to each other, wandering in a world of combination and disassembly.

    Exudes sincerity and pure charm, and a dismissive attitude, impeccable fashion appearance and sharp personality, in the hands of designers, all balance in the grasp.

Kbne 2018 Autumn Explore the truth and the future

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