KBNE brand personality is outstanding,
Unique design style,
She hold the fashion pulse,
Use of a large number of popular element,
To balance the body's natural beauty,
Balance with beautiful and pure humanity.
Design and tailoring to a planar inflexible and
Using the three-dimensional cutting techniques,
Through a variety of modification and supplement of the cutting line,
To the human body to soul diffuse through natural style.
Not only is to create the dress,
Is also a thrilling verse.

Consumer orientation

22 to 26 years old ,fashion, emphasis on individuality,For taste

They may be engaged in career are mostly -- Company employees, civil servants, teachers, designers, Art workers and freelancers;

KBNE is a very ideal, have passion, the pursuit of excellence team, positive enterprising, unremitting efforts, in order to "enterprise, sun, sun, internal and external harmony, thriving" vision for the enterprise

In the future, in the face of new challenges, the company in mind "misfortune, WenGuoZeXi, terms of cultivate one's morality, patriotic love qi" of the enterprise training, grasp the opportunity, practical, pioneering and enterprising, promote hundred li source towards higher and further goals!

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